About me 

I am a multidisciplinary designer currently studying Global Innovation Design at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art. Before that I studied Product design  at Central Saint Martins College of Design.
Design offers an effective way to help us, as a global citizen to tackle the complex social, political, economic and ecological challenges.

I pursued an MA/MSc at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London to explore how to consciously interfere with our sensory experience with different purposes.

I see design as a tool to achieve my aim by extracting the essence of cross-disciplinary fields. Design is one of our most powerful tools in the COVID-19 crisis. It helps protect us from the pandemic and improve current medical solutions. Most important of all, design can prepare us for the post-pandemic lives in future with radical changes.

No one would have expected 2020 to be such a challenging year for all of us. We need to propose a distinctive world-view that challenges our beliefs, hopes, and fears. And that is what design is good at, to propose and suggest something, then extract the essence to communicate with people. To use design as a research method and thinking tool to explore different possibilities, to criticize the past and the present, and to speculate the future.

CV available on request.  

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