A new way to train your meditation 


In Buddhism, fire represents the self, especially one’s drive and passion. It is a guide to enlightenment as it symbolizes better understanding of the individual. Additionally, candles have long been used to focus attention during meditation. For these reasons, we used fire as the main element in our project. Dhyana – the training of the mine – is one of the principal tenets of Buddhism. Much of the religion, in fact, is based around mediation and deep self-reflection, as it is in this meditative state that one is able to achieve perfect unity between the mind and the body.This project makes use of modern technology to empower people to obtain this unity.

EEG data mapping

Emotive Epoc is an electroencephalography sensor that records electrical activity from our brain. We have used a 14-CHANNEL EEG device to analyze and visualize our brain’s data. We utilized Emotive BCI (brain computer interface) a system which allow us to easily train mental Commands and view our real time performance metrics. These were then treated as the input in a mind-training game made with Unity.

How it works 

After placing the Emotiv EPOC on your head, you must link it with your computer. Once this connection is established, you may begin to train in the Unity program. Alternate between the relax and focus modes, going from a calm to concentrated state by focussing on and off the fire accordingly. Repeat this step until you are confident that you have created enough sample data in each. Finally, you may enter the live mode, where you can practice enlarging the fire using nothing more than you mind.

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