A Bluetooth-based Hospital Navigation System.

“How can indoor mapping and
way finding in hospitals improve patient experience ?”


Current hospital navigation system rely solely on Visual signage system, which has been proven that it is not the most effective way in terms of its clarity an d visibility. In addition, existing indoor navigation system (smart phone based) is not applicable to hospital users and patients who are often higher than average, making th em less likely to be app users. Our health express navigation system offers a device that provides intuitive navigation solution for everyone without using smart phone.

“Around 6.9m outpatient hospital appointments, each costing an average of £108 are missed each year in the UK due to navigation problems.”  - NHS

“Research has shown that all junior doctors reported getting lost on the way to urgent crash calls in large hospitals” 


The navigation and positioning function is based on the beacons technolgy. This low energy bluetooth technology allows the device to determineits position continuously and transmit it to the indoor navigation system. Although we are not able to create a fully-working navigation work, we have conudcted simple user test based on a pre-determined route with fully working compass and display.

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