“How might we record and embed our emotions along with our movement into object?”

Constantly through out our lifetime, we give meaning to objects by interacting with it, actively and passively. Our movement connect ourselves with the outside world and also transform object over time.  I believe objects does not only have the ability to record our emotions but also act as a remembrance, as a way to release emotions that can improve our well-being.

The multi-sensory process we experience the world around us is an ongoing relationship between our existence and meaning to our life provided by our ability to sense and perceive the world. Materials to construct our sensual experience are not only about the information brought from the outside at the same time also the internal recollected experience awakened by these external stimulis.

Kalos represents a mindful kaleidoscope that enable a new way of emotional connection between people, transforming your emotions into spatial sensation of lighitng experience.

Kalo help put down our mask , reveal our truself, true emotions in order to migitate the fear of needing to cater to others. Exploring human connection, and representing in a new way.

Using novel as context A peronsl new design method was used in the process by setting the context from a real life story. No longer human tells the story of a man’s moral, physical and emotional degradation.The main character has a split of self consciousness , leading to crisis of existence. As a result, he hides from the world by wearing a ‘clownish mask’ of cheerfulness and wittiness. However, the more he surpress himself, the more miserable he felt, leading him to self-destruction at the end.

The truth is that we all put on a mask when interacting with other people, especially people with depression tendency.“Those with depression tedency cannot oppose people. Instead of choosing to fight against others, feeling embarrassed and incompatible, they feel much easier to suppress themselves”


CAT(creative art therapy) has proven to be a potentially low-risk and high benefit intervention to minimize symptons of mental illness. Visual art method demonstrated significant reductions in depressive symptoms from baseline to post-treatment among all CAT methods.Kalos was designed as a prop to conduct a interactive ritual. It allows one person to express his/her true feeling at ease with creative drawing while other person is watching. The new interaction creates a sense connection with people, which adapted from group sessions of greater peer-peer interaction. The unique structure of the product prevents both particapants from seeing each other.

Ritual process

1. Start with a basic guided meditation. Ask participants to sit comfortably, close their eyes, and turn their focus to their breathing.

2. As participants continue to meditate and relax, ask the patient to draw on the transparent canvas according to the different art exercises. Next, ask the other participant to see the process from the other end. The Kaleidocope will transform the drawing into a visual feast along with the movement.

3.This drawing session should continue for at least six to eight weeks. A new layer of canvas should be placed on top of the previous one.

4. When time is right, the light turn on, every elements in the drawing will become a part of the lighting experience, projecting into the space, sympolizing the act of open up to others.

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