In this interactive installation, participant grab the swicth control create a beautiful 3D light painting. It is about making the invisible visible. The inspiration comes from light graffiti. This project solved one particular problem when doing light graffiti. Because normally, when people are doing light graffiti with light, they are drawing out of their imagination in the air. My aim is to help people create light graffiti image in a new way that they can visualize what they are drawing

I have connect Switch control to unity which users can use as a light spraycan in the digital world. At the same time, the light graffiti robot will also be light painting in the physical world. This process explored the possibilities of user interface in interaction design discipline. Exploring the advantage digital technology can provide, creating a user interface that unlock the impossibility in the physical world.
Today, Designers cannot think in terms of purely physical assets as most of the object that are part of our lives incorporate advanced interaction capabilities.Through this project the most I have learned is the technical confidence with no prior coding experience. In addition, I have earned me a taste of interaction design of designing interactive digital products. This project is my first step of exploring the possibilities of the Digital sensation and its physical manifestation.

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