A table to slow down your eating and provoke social interactions

Tiltit is a tabe designed to make the function of using table surface to eat a disruption of the pattern of action.
However, users can balance the movement with each other and restore the function of the table.The effort that requires the user to pay attention to the object directs user’s awareness of their food consumption and slowing down the eating process. Tiltit facilitates mindfulness of the physical and social actions with human-product interactions

“ Research from University of Oxford has shown that both visual and tactile features of an object could affect human’s eating and drinking sensual experience both physically and emotionally.

How can design be a medium to create a more dynamic and reflective user journey in exploring the full range of our sens
uousness. ”

In order to buffer unexpected or big force putting on the table surface, a buffer system is integrated together with ball joint to help slow down the tilting and give people time to react.
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