How can we create pieces of ‘infrastructure’ that could enable sharing to happen?

In order to restore dissolved communities and revive sharing culture in citizens’ daily lives.
From collaborative consumption to co-creation to


Thoughts experiemtns to question
how a new way of sharing can be in the future

PDYANA - A new way to train
Project Aim

This project derived and developed from my dissertation. It is a speculative design fiction situated in the future context where the marginal cost of creating one physical product is nearly zero as the technology continue to develop. In this case, how do we promote the idea of sharing the "physicals" within a community.

My aim is to enable more bottom-up style co-living project in urban area to be realized in the future as it present new opportunities to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Within various stages of realizing a co-living projects including Enabling, Financing, Organizing, Dwelling to sharing, the project will be focus on "Sharing" which is about enabling sharing within communities in order to be economically and socially sustainable.

“      It is now 2050, the global population has reached over ten billion, with over 70 percent of them live in urban area. The sprawl of urban areas as formerly rural peri-urban settlements has dedicated to the existence of mega-cities. In an effort to reinvent itself for the twenty-first century, United Kingdom dived into urban co-living development. Each community became an experimental zone for collaborative commons, sharing resources aiming be both economically and socially sustainable. Each community is free to develop its own form of governance, economic model of realizing the concept of communal commons, a miniature presenting alternatives exploring new ways to democratize local economies and to cultivate new practices of cooperation and solidarity. 

Alternatives/ Dimensions

Inspired by Anhony Dunn and Fiona Raby’s work, a four future method was used in order to present contradictions , highlights dilemmas and trade-offs between imperfect alternatives. The matrix presents four extreme but possible scenarios for the future of human society. I came up with the listed words according to the context (personal and economy freedom ) to create the most suitable “Axes of Uncertainty”.


Speculative design as thought experiment

Liberalism - Hypercommodified (hypercapitalism)

Depending on use-value as their commodity for exchanging communal commons, this community is organized entired by market forces; citizens and consumer are the same as they are the producers and consumer or the so called prosumers of use-value. Community members have absolute freedom on how they want to run use-value to govern mutual resources. 

Imagine you are one of the members. In order to develop your own governance, management criteria of “use-value” , certain issues needs to be discussed among the citizens as a standardized rationale. But first here are the six ground rules of your commmunity.

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